Robin Allum - DB3L Fuel Tank Replacement

The floor of the boot with tape across the joints, I assume to stop moisture coming through.

The floor removed and the tank exposed.

The fixing straps and ancillaries removed.

The tank ready for inspection and testing.

Under the tape a series holes, one that a little finger could fit in.

With the tank out an opportunity to fit grommet strip around the filler hose hole arose.

The rubber vent pipe had deteriorated badly and was replaced by a new one in stainless steel.

The vent pipe fitted on the inner wing.

New and old tanks.

New and old tank showing the sump section.

New tank top view.

New tank bottom view.

New tank with the sender unit and new filler pipes in very flexible hose fitted.

Straps and a temporary suction tube fitted due to misplacement of original.

Fuel valve found and fitted. A clear view of the filler and vent pipes.

The floor fitted back in position.

Robin Allum