Antony Bowie - Lagonda 2.6 Prototype WMF 190

This is purely just for the record, a brief moment in time for the 2.6 prototype WMF190 aka the “Blue Monster”.

WMF 190 was part of the above auction at a garage in North Devon on 24 May 1989. The sale included some 40 vehicles and WMF 190 sported what appeared to be its original 2 door coupe metal bodywork.

The sale catalogue had very limited information, just really Log book details – Chassis No. LV0399CV 1085 and Engine No. LB6A/50/220, and that it needed complete restoration. It also came with a spare 3 litre engine VB6A/50/534.

When I asked about the car on the viewing day the garage staff said it was thought to be a prototype, but they could not find out for sure.

The sale catalogue entry:-

I was unable to attend the auction itself but contacted the auctioneers afterwards to ask what the car had sold for, I was informed £20,000, though the Western Morning News for 25 May 1989 (where it was referred to as “undoubtedly the star attraction” of the sale) stated it was £18,000. There was no purchasers commission payable at the sale so that cannot explain the difference, but I would tend to think the auctioneers information was correct.

I recently tried to contact the auctioneers by letter to ask if they had any further information or photographs (there is just a very poor black and white one on the front of the catalogue) but despite still being listed in the telephone book they appear to no longer exist as I never received a reply.

I should have taken some pictures when I went to  view, but only thought about things like that some years later.

Antony Bowie (March 2018)