Cristopher Zimmerli - Spare Parts List


Spare parts for 2.6
Chassis (rather rusty)
Front wing n/s (2)
Front wing o/s
Rear wing o/s
Rear wing n/s
Inner wings (2)
Radiator grill surround
Bonnet including chrome bar and 'rocket'
Bonnet hinge brackets with springs
Bonnet side panels including mechanism and chrome levers
Front bumper
Rear bumper
Bumper overriders
Petrol filler base (lid missing)
Petrol tank (rusty)
Hub caps (with ventilation slits)

Windscreen including upper part of 'A' posts, top bulkhead and chrome screen frame (glass cracked)
Rear body panel
Matching boot lid and internal wood frame
Matching boot lid frame
Chromed strut fitted to back of 'B' post n/s
Original set of floor carpets (suitable as a pattern only)
Front seat frame beige n/s
Front seat back beige n/s
Seat adjustment mechanism
Internal door sills (chrome)
Hood cover beige-grey (probably original)

Boot floor chrome lip

Spare parts for 3L
Rear seat back rests (separate) beige
Central folding armrest beige