Dr. Rodney Howell - V8 PERFECTION


I bought my 1984 Lagonda about 7 years ago from the estate of a well-known heiress who had purchased the car new. At that time, it had slightly over 900 miles on the car since new, and had been meticulously maintained in her climate-controlled garage by her staff and serviced annually at the Aston Martin Dealer in South Florida, from whom it had been purchased.

The car is in my controlled garage in Florida and I drive it regularly but just for short drives. It now has about 1400 miles on the car.

Servicing is done by an outstanding expert who changes the fluids, has cleaned the carbs. and so forth, and maintains everything in new condition.

Electronic dashboards in V8 Lagondas can be a problem and mine was no exception. The difficulty was solved when my wonderful mechanic in Ft. Lauderdale, after discussions with the gentlmen there, sent the dashboard to the UK in the Spring of 2006. There it stayed for some months with a true expert who repaired the electronics and now it is perfect.

I am proud of the car and the fact that that, while the car is over 20 years old, it is in new, original condition.

The car has never been driven in the rain and, of course, we don't have snow and/or ice! It is a fun car to have and I enjoy the short drives we take. I appreciate the wonderful workmanship and detail of its manufacturing process.

I have greatly enjoyed, during the past years, my visiting in Europe with other folks who own Lagonda-V8 automobiles.


Dr. Rodney Howell